Okello Bosco, our medical officer attending to a sick patient

Okere, a typical village in Otuke District, Northern Uganda is severely unserved by basic medical services despite the dire need. The village’s 5,000 people are served by a government Health Centre II facility which is ill-equipped both in infrastructural terms and human resources to effectively provide the much-needed health services to the rural residents.

In 2019, we carried out a baseline survey to understand the gravity of the problem and the data were heart-wrecking. …

Participants doing a role play on the operations of the Local Council Courts in Uganda

According to the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, governance begins at the village/cell level. The constitution also provides for the creation of Local Councils courts (LCC) as part of the decentralization of power. LCCs are the lowest units with administrative, legislative, and judicial powers on behalf of central governments. LCCs are established under the Executive Committees (Judicial Powers) Act and there are three levels of the Committee courts — “sub-county” (level 3), “parish” (level 2), and “village” (level 1). The courts are generally composed of five members of their jurisdiction chosen by the respective executive council of that…

Robert Odany, the LC1 of Ayiloi Village in Okere Parish, Adwari Sub-County, Otuke District addressing community members during a village meeting in Feb 2o20

According to the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, governance begins at the village/cell level. A village is the lowest political-administrative unit. In Uganda, villages usually consist of between 50 and 70 households and may be home to anywhere between 250 and 1,000 people (in the case of rural areas). The number of households in urban areas can exceed 500, and in most instances, the crowded slum cells/zone in Kampala City can even exceed 5,000 residents/dwellers. Each village is run by a Local Council 1 (LC1) administration structure. …

Besides the revenues generated from our social business projects, we are also desirous to receive funds and talents through the generosity of donors and volunteers to achieve our mission of becoming a sustainable rural city. There are three different ways of supporting our cause; namely,

1. Donations

2. Onsite Voluntary Support

3. Online Voluntary Support


1. How can I donate to Okere City?

You can directly donate to Okere City through our bank account.

Account Name: Okere Community Development Project

Account Number: 1029201319787

Bank Name: Equity Bank Uganda LTD

Bank Branch: Lira Branch

Swift Code: EQBLUGKA

Agnes Ajok is the only female member of Okere Boxing Club. Her passion for kickboxing and taekwondo dates back to 2015 when she was introduced to the sport at the age of 15years when she was in Primary Six. She was a member of a boxing club in Patongo, a Trading Centre 20KMs away from Okere village. Unfortunately, for Ajok, an early pregnancy at the age of 16years when she was in Primary Seven meant that both her education and boxing pursuits had been destroyed. Thanks to the management of her Acane Primary School, Ajok was allowed to sit for…

Photo Credit: Maureen Agena

The natural hair movement is here. And more so among the African women. From the streets of Kampala, to Nairobi, Cape Town and Lagos, you will notice that most women are keeping their hair natural. This is for a number of reasons but key among which is the desire by African people to be in control of their african bodies. I mean why should one be reliant on imported hair extensions, braids and wigs which require foreign and inorganic cosmetics to maintain them? It beats common logic especially in Africa where we are well endowed with organic natural resources that…

If you have ever traveled to a deeply remote and rural setting, you definitely know that sometimes getting a needle or safety pin to buy can be problematic. The problem is even further compounded if you needed — let’s say a bottle of mineral water or a cold bottle of beer. And yet for rural dwellers, this is a harsh reality. And for them, products like needles, safety pins, bottled mineral water and cold beer are secondary. They mostly need basic household and consumption products like salt, sugar, cooking oil, wheat flour, etc. …

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Introduction: What is a Village Bank?

Because rural dwellers find themselves enmeshed in conditions and situations that make them unbankable — such as — not possessing the required paperwork to access credit from a bank and/or not having any assets to place as collateral at all; remoteness that makes financial services inaccessible, among others, village banking offers a unique opportunity to facilitate rural development processes. In practice, village banking can be a livelihood and an economic empowerment programme implemented by an organization (could be NGO, formal bank, cooperative society, etc.) …

Ceaser Toopowa, enrolled nursing officer in-charge of the communty health centre

The end of May 2020 brought the Okere City Project a new gift — the Okere City Community Health Centre. The facility will provide essential health services such as testing and treatment of diseases like malaria, typhoid, STIs. We shall also do voluntary guidance and counselling especially to HIV/AIDS patients. Of paramount significance will be our health education services offered through community outreaches.

Daniela is six years old. She is one of the few pupils in our top class level. She was the best performing pupil in her previous, class. She is jolly, always smiling. As one of the eldest among all the children at Okere Community School, she is exemplary and always supporting other younger ones. Daniela has a younger brother who is also in baby class at the community school.

Okere City

We are a community based social enterprise on a journey to tranform Okere village in Northern Uganda into thriving and sustainable city. www.okerecity.org

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