Sponsor-A-Child at Okere Community School — FAQs

Sponsor-A-child at Okere Community School

We are grateful for your generosity and kindness that will enable us achieve our grand vision of creating a sustainable, thriving and successful model community in Okere Parish, Adwari Sub-County, Otuke District.

Your donation will be matched to a pupil and we shall make every effort to share with you more details about the child and his/her family.

Our hope is that this support will go on to build more interactions, sharing and caring now and beyond. We shall also provide more updates about the life and academic performance of the child receiving your support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Could you please tell me more about the child sponsorship project?

The sponsors-A-Child programme is meant to give poor but talented and brilliant children who attend our community school the opportunity to receive the gift of education which we believe is an inherent and inalienable human right. The donation is paid to the school account and used to buy scholastic materials like books. It is also used to contribute towards payment for the teachers’ salary and also fund any infrastructural projects at the school.

2. How much is the sponsorship?

The school fees for each child is 300,000 UGX per term. That means, your sponsorship contribution per year would be 900,000 UGX. This sponsored is meant for children who are in boarding school and it also covers boarding costs.

3. Is the payment made at per term, per year or for the three years?

A sponsor can decide whether to pay on a termly or yearly basis.

4. Can I commit to pay just for one term?

Whilst this is really supportive and generous of you, we request our sponsors to commit to the ensuring that the child finishes their entire primary schooling education. This means that when a child is in P.1, we would be happy for you to commit to pay his/her school fees for seven years. And when a child is in P.6, you would only commit to pay for his/her school fees for 1 year.

5. How do you select children who benefits from the sponsorship?

What we usually do is match the children to the sponsors. To achieve this, we do a raffle draw by putting the names of children who do not have sponsors yet. The exercise is usually conducted during a community meeting. The names are written on different pieces of paper and put in a basic and shuffled. Someone is then randomly selected to pick one piece of paper and the name of the child who appears in that piece of paper will become the recipient of the sponsorship.

6. Do you provide any updates about the child during during and after the sponsorship period?

We will also be providing you with updates about the child you are sponsoring as much as possible. We hope this will create more long lasting relationship between the child and the sponsor. We also welcome you to come to Okere City to visit the child and his/her family.

7. Can I send my contribution via Mobile Money?

Yes, you can send money directly via mobile money to our Chairman’s number: +256 774547023 registered as OJOK OKELLO.

8. Can I send my contribution via World Remit?

Yes, you can send money via www.wordremit.com. You can use this telephone number: +256 0774547023 and the money will be received by DONNAS OJOK, our Chairman.

9. Can I wire the funds through the bank?

Yes, You can also send the money to the Okere City Bank Account.

Here are banking details:

Account Name: Okere Community Development Project

Account Number: 1029201319787

Bank Name: Equity Bank Uganda LTD

Bank Branch: Lira Branch

Swift Code: EQBLUGKA

We are a community based social enterprise on a journey to tranform Okere village in Northern Uganda into thriving and sustainable city. www.okerecity.org

We are a community based social enterprise on a journey to tranform Okere village in Northern Uganda into thriving and sustainable city. www.okerecity.org