Support Okere City: FAQs

Besides the revenues generated from our social business projects, we are also desirous to receive funds and talents through the generosity of donors and volunteers to achieve our mission of becoming a sustainable rural city. There are three different ways of supporting our cause; namely,

1. Donations

2. Onsite Voluntary Support

3. Online Voluntary Support


1. How can I donate to Okere City?

You can directly donate to Okere City through our bank account.

Account Name: Okere Community Development Project

Account Number: 1029201319787

Bank Name: Equity Bank Uganda LTD

Bank Branch: Lira Branch

Swift Code: EQBLUGKA

2. What amounts of donations are accepted?

We accept donations of any amount of money our donors are desirous to generously offer.

3. How are the donations used?

Donations are mostly invested in our capital development projects such as the construction of classroom blocks and other necessary infrastructural projects.

4. Can I peg my donation to a particular project?

Yes, if you are interested in a particular project we are implemented, you can direct us that your donation should be directly matched to such a project.


5. How can I provide online voluntary support to Okere City?

You can support us online in three ways, namely;

a) Research & recommend funding options

a. There are various funding opportunities for nonprofits like us and we need help researching and understanding the options available to us.

b) Write a funding grant proposal

a. We need experts in grant writing to help us prepare and write professional grant proposals to relevant funding agencies

c) Review & amend our website/blog content

a. Our website is in English but since this is not our mother tongue we would love a native English speaker to proofread it.


6. How can I provide onsite voluntary support to Okere City?

Because we run a number of projects and activities, anytime interested in community development would find it interesting to do physical voluntary work in Okere City. Currently, we need teachers — mostly those interested in teaching early learners (nursery school) for our childhood development center and primary school. We also have a small clinic so a trained nursing or medical personnel would also be welcomed. Generally, we need individuals with a wide range of community development skill-sets to help us kick-start various rural development projects in sports, educations, agriculture, culture, conservation, health among others.

7. When do we need volunteers?

We need volunteers all the time. All you have to do is write to us and we assess current needs and agree with the interested volunteer.

8. Do we require a minimum duration?

No, there isn’t a minimum or maximum volunteering duration. We are happy to discuss this on a case-by-case basis with the volunteer.

9. Can we come as a group of volunteers?

Yes, this can be arranged provided the terms of the voluntary arrangement with the group are clearly spelt out.

10.Does Okere City give payments to volunteers?

No, we do no pay volunteers any money!

11. Do volunteers have to pay Okere City any money?

No, volunteers do not pay any money to Okere City.

12. What does Okere City provide to the volunteers?

a. Homestay

Our volunteers will have a small 4X4 meters room as their residence within Okere City.

b. Meals

Our volunteers will eat from Guum’s Kitchen, a restaurant at Okere City for free.

13. How deep, far, and isolated is Okere City?

Okere village is located in a deep, remote, and isolated village in Otuke District. The nearest urban location is Lira City which about 70KM. But we do have all the basic necessities you will need to be fine.

14. What other amenities can volunteers access from Okere City?

a) Hot Water

b) Electricity

c) First Aid

d) T-shirt

e) Local Sim Card

f) Bicycle

g) Boiled Drinking Water

h) Motorbike

We are a community based social enterprise on a journey to tranform Okere village in Northern Uganda into thriving and sustainable city.