When Hon. Akello Silvia, Otuke Woman MP Paid Us A Courtesy Visit!

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5 min readNov 5, 2019


Hon. Sylvia Akello engaging with Okere community members

We are strongly convicted that political leaders play a key role in community development. That is why we are always keen to host political leaders of different political affiliations to engage with members of Okere Village. This way, we provide a platform for community members to have direct engagement with the political leaders whom they elected to represent them at various levels. By faciliating such dialogues between community memebers and their leaders, we create an environment for forstering a better understanding and promoting constructive civic engagements.

One of the political leaders in Otuke District is Hon. Akello Silvia who is the area woman Member of Parliament. She had returned during one of our constituency visits when we reached out to her to pay us a courtesy visit which she positively responded to.

Although it was a short visit due to a threatening incoming rain, Akello did not only inspire us but she gave us hope. She reminded us that nothing grandeur and impactful was started by a narrow-minded people. “That is why I think this project is on a journey to create something different, something of it’s kind in the entire Northern Uganda” Akello emphatically reiterated.

Shortly before Akello addressed the audience, she was taken on a tour around Okere Kindergartten, a community nursery school started to provide better early childhood development opportunities to the children in the village. She also had a look at the Eucalyptus Parkland. Mr. Ojok Okello, the vision bearer of the Okere City Project also shared with her future plans about transforoming a remote village in a more thriving ‘city’.

“When Ojok showed me the current projects and shared with me his future development ideas about the Okere City project, I was amazed and thanked God that a young brilliant man is massively investing to make his community more prosperous and better prepared about tackle future challenges” Akello said. “This is what we need to move forward. After all, charity begins from home” she noted.

Although excited, Akello also reminded the community members that nothing would move forward without their support and unimpedded commitment. She said that by virtue of the ambitious project being imlemented in the villagge, it means that the villagers have to work thrice as hard to make sure the the bold mission of the is achieved. “If you don’t commit, support and be a part of this, it’s destined to go no further” Akello warned.

Tonny Obong Okello who is one of the co-founders of the project thanked Akello for her visit to the village and encourage her to be a friend and supporter of Okere City project in any way. “We can not do this alone” Obong said. “Please be our voice and champion” he further requested.

Tonny Obong Okello

Milton Ochen, the Chairperson of Okere Community School also gave a more detail update about the school highlighting major milestones and challenges. As a milestone, Ochen said “this school is one of the best things that has ever happened in this village. Our children now have access to the best early childhood development opportunity, moreover for free”. “The parents are also doing their best to make sure that the school functions smoothly by contributing in-kind towards construction projects, providing food items and also making sure that the school cook is paid” he added.

Milton Ochen

During the meeting, Aker Martin, the Chairperson of Okere Investment Club also gave an update about the club highlighting the progress thus far. “Our club, started just a few weeks ago now has 50 members who are passionate about saving and investing for the future” Aker said. How I wish we could be boosted to raise our investible capital? Aker wondered.

Martin Akere, Okere Investment Club Chairperson

On that note, Hon. Akello made a contribution of 500,000 UGX as loanable capital to the club. “But When I return, I will need a report of what this money has done for the good of this community” Akello remarked as she concluded her courtesy visit.

From all of us in Okere, we are humble and gratitous to Akello for sparing an hour from her busy schedule to be with us. Just know that we do not take it for granted.

Wan Apwoyo Hon.

Below are some pictorial impressions from the visit:



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